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RantinAn is short for ranting and raving. Rantin An is an insane autistic dyslexic Australian. Ph33r d4 rantin one.

On being me:
One day that motherloving windmill will go down. It's an inherited trait. The thickness of one's skull is directly proportional to the amount of effort one's self and one's ancestors have spent beating their heads against walls.
"Everything you attempt in a certain vein will be thwarted. Period."
describes most of everything important I have attempted in my life. Fuck it. Still here, still kicking what ass I can, and the ankles of the asses I cant reach.

On spelling, grammar and my general illiteracy. Thanks, I fucking know. Believe me, I know more than you ever will. Imagine this. You have to spend 300% more effort than the average person does at calligraphy to produce an incomprehensible scrawl. Now try imagining if you would ever get to learn the basic rules of spelling and grammar. I didn't manage to string together a coherent sentence until I got access to a computer so I didn't have to worry about forming letters. Despite clear evidence of this problem, I didn't get permission to use a computer in the classroom until my second last year of high school. Image learning the basics of the written English language at age 16. Right imagined all of that? That's me. So kindly shut the fuck up. I know more about this than you do.

The motherfuckin rules: This is my play ground. I don't expect ya'll to play nice.
That said there be a few things that'll get your head bit off.
Don't be calling bullshit on me without serious fucking proof. Protip: the plural of anecdote is not data, nor is it proof. The plural of belief is beliefs, not data.

I'm paranoid enough without YOUR conspiracy theories. You are cordially invited to keep such to yourself.

I swear. Lots. Don't like it, go find another part of the internet to play in.

You might think I have anger management issues. Be fucking told, I have anger management issues. The nic says rantin on the start for a good reason.
That said. Anger is allowed round here. Anger is positively encouraged. However if you're getting angry at me, see rule 1.

If you've drifted in from the narcissistic circle jerk that is wowladies, drift out again please.

If you want to tell me how your flavour of the month religeon can help me, door's that way. Don't let it hit you in the ass on the way out. Special note for Calvinists; I believe there is a no backsies clause in your bastard form of christanity. Good. I assure you, I've taken up that clause, big time. By your own dogmas, you cant save me, so don't even try.

If your flavour of religion means you think you can tell me what to do with my life, I'd cordially invite you to go preform necrophilia with a dead domestic animal. Yeah, go anal sex the dead Chihuahua.

On the other hand. If you like fantasy, slash, blasphemy, tentacles, robots, metal, tight TIGHT TIGHT shorts, timmies, giant monsters, robots, crappy puns or robots, welcome.

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betta, bounce liger, corruption, defenestrating conservatives, devolving humanity, feminisim, fenistrates, fury, gator, gender issues, nabeshin, robots, slash, sporks, stream of consciousness, tallonblade, tentacoo wape, thorium brotherhood, top gear, trolling yja, world of warcraft, wow, z knights, zeekdober hunt is over, zeekdobers ate my baby, zoids

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